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quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2013

Global Cycling Network - GCN

Have you heard about GLOBAL CYCLING NETWORK yet?

They launched January 1st this year and I found out about them through their "HOW TO" videos on Youtube. They were so good that I couldn't stop watching. Spent over 40 minutes in their channel on my first visit.

That caught my attention (obviously) and I wanted to know who they were: an amazing team of cyclists that are journalists and media managers in the UK. They know key people in the races (and athletes - I'm pretty sure they are super friends with Cavendish <3 ) so they get to go back stage and show all those cool things a TV channel won't. Plus they know what we want to see/know.

Ok, that's my dream job - and became a goal now. Hello GCN, hire me!!!! :-P

Nevertheless, I do recommend subscribing for the channel, following on facebook, twitter etc... It's not only fun, it's news for cyclists!

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