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Nelson Mandela

segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013

My 1st NYC Ride

First of all, a big THANK YOU to all the guys from SID'S BIKES in New York Ciry. The shop hooked me up with a beautiful Cad 10 - Cannondale (that I'm in love with and miss deeply), making it possible for me to keep training while in the city. I've gone to most of the bike shops in NY and SID'S BIKES is the best for cyclists. It has a wide range of products, brands and sizes, plus great service and help. They have two locations (here) and a website in Portuguese! Obrigada meninos!!!

I also got this pretty lady <3
My 1st NYC Ride...
I had heard that things in Bushwick - the neighborhood I lived in for the past 3 weeks in Brooklyn, NY - could be a little odd. I could tell... on my first day there I sat at a coffee shop for 3 hours to get some work done. 

All those weird shoes I saw when starring somewhere while deep in my thoughts. Jeez! How can she cross the street on that? (30cm platform black boots up to her knees). They don't even look cool - I think. Then I learned that that's the world's "Outcast-people" capital, witch actually makes me one, as I don't feel like I fit in there, right?

Anyway, it's a Tuesday morning and I get out of the building with my CAD 10 and my best mountain biker look (including the shoes). I make sure I walk to the street - people there are very serious about not riding on the sidewalk (it's the law and they respect it). 

Get on the bike, and as I complete my first stride I create a smile on my face. That mid-june weather is perfect at 6am. Sunny and humid, but not too much. People look happy.

I try to remember I shouldn't blow red lights. We always get too excited on first rides.. and this means missing turns and taking the wrong way. Adding miles never bothers us though.

As I ride around the neighborhood looking for the big avenue that will take me to the Williamsburg Bridge (Manhattan), I hear a very loud scream. Can't distinguish if that's from a cat giving birth, a child who does not want to go to school or if it's something... OH MY GOD, it's a PIG, a freaking PIG. HAAAH

It's medium size pink cute clean "little" pig, with a leash around the neck, on the top of a staircase. His owner - his daddy - wants him to go down the stairs and pulls him into doing that. The poor pig is apparently super scared of stairs and hails for help. Certainly, pigs daddy can't tell the difference between a poodle and a pig.

Good thing I developed good skills on the bike. I was safe enough to keep riding forward as I twisted my head as far back as I could to keep watching that scene. I almost "parked" so I could take a picture. How am I gonna prove this is real? Even to myself... do I always make things up when I wake really early in the morning? I regret not taking the picture.

The fact that all of my friends believed in the story when I first told them was good enough. This really is an unique place.

And back to the ride... this was just one more little test to see how good I am into getting focused. We need to be able to get back on track, always. Even if you see a scared pig being treated like a doggie.

I head to Central Park, where "my people" like to hang out in the mornings, "enjoy" my great workout session (this is how I like to talk about painful things) and then go back to Bushwick Land - the real New York experience.

But not before going for the Williamsburg Bridge QOM. Did I get it? Don't know, I'm out of Strava, but better than that, I beat everyone in front of me. Yeah!

Central Park

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