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terça-feira, 16 de julho de 2013

NYC TIP - Trampoline in Brooklyn - STREB

There are many ways of staying in shape without having to go to a regular gym and/or doing boring exercises. Nowadays the options are unlimited and just to name a couple, I can say FITNESS JAZZ and CIRCUS classes. Have you heard about any of these?

Circus classes is my subject today. I've done a few random circus classes when I was younger, trapeze, trampoline and other fun things, but never did it as a real workout. Good thing my Elementary had gymnastics for little kids, so I could develop some important skills. Now I can take advantage of this background.

Anyway, so during my 3 week stay in New York, a friend invited me to follow him to a Trampoline class. Of course I said yes!

The purpose was to have fun doing something different (and actually fun!) and complement my functional strength training. Guess what... was a blast!

Will goes to STREB every Tuesday night for this 1h30 trampoline session. Each class takes a maximum of 6 people, and each one can play for 3-5min a time. The price is affordable and the location is great: Williamsburg (close to it's best sunset view).

Technically speaking, trampoline is a great core training. It also helps with coordination, cardio and it doesn't strees your joints. GREAT!

Look what I read on TRIATHLETE Europe's website: 
According to NASA, trampoline exercise is 70% more effective in fitness training than track running for an equal amount of time. The research report published in the journal ‘Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine’ explains that the most thorough trampoline exercise causes less joint impact than track exercise, and develops bone and muscle mass at an astonishing rate.
Anyway, the cool thing about this place STREB is that in the same place there are other things going on and you never get bored while waiting for your turn. Other people were on the Trapeze and on the tightrope right beside us. Beautiful to watch!

Cool thing about circus is the freedom it requires. It makes you get rid of all the stress we carry and commit to play. That's when you make your best moves. Magical... I super recommend!

More info about trampoline training:

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